About & Review Policies


Thanks for stopping by! I’m River, and I love books. Most of my life revolves around the written word; I’m a writer, editor, and reformed librarian.

Rating System

0 Stars–This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly–it should be thrown with great force.

1 Star–Few redeeming qualities. Would only recommend to people I dislike

2 Stars–Neither terrible nor particularly good. Would not recommend.

3 Stars–Decent, serviceable read. Recommended but not required.

4 Stars–Well-written and engaging; a good book. Would definitely recommend

5 Stars–Loved it! Would recommend and reread.

Review Policies

  • I review mostly young adult, middle grade, and grown-up fantasy, although I do enjoy other genres. I’m not generally a fan of thrillers, political or historical novels, memoir, or religious fiction.
  • I accept eBooks and audiobooks as well as print. I prefer Kindle-compatible formats.
  • I’m happy to read both traditional and indie authors.
  • My reviews are always my honest opinion, and sometimes my opinion is that the book sucks. If you’d still like me to read your book despite this, you can send a request to bibliomancy@live.com.

FTC Disclaimer

All books reviewed on Bibliomancy have either been purchased by myself or given to me by authors or publishers in exchange for an honest review. Each review will clearly state how the book was obtained (purchased, borrowed, won, or given by author/publisher for review). I do not accept any kind of payment or compensation for my reviews my opinions in the reviews are based solely on my own thoughts and reading experiences